Force.com Open Source Projects

This sourceforge area is designed to help develop, distribute and maintain projects that assist in creating Force.com based solutions.

Examples of solutions likely to be maintained here are Java utilities for creating JSPs with sforce, Perl libraries to access the sforce API, .NET schema browser, and development utilities useful in designing and testing SOQL queries.

This project, and the associated code and utilities, are the developed by the Force.com community, and are not officially supported, associated or endorsed by salesforce.com. For assistance, use the Force.com discussion boards - please do not contact salesforce.com support for help with any of these samples.

For questions about Force.com, to obtain a free developer account, or to access the sforce online community, visit http://sforce.com.

Please note that all Force.com open source projects are available under the BSD license. This means you can take the code and use it as you please. However, if you make changes that you think would benefit the community, please contribute back!

Force.com Excel Connector: Data Cleaning via Excel

This popular Add-in for Microsoft Excel provides read / write access to the Force.com API. The tool uses the COM object provided by the Toolkit for Office, and is useful for cleaning and mass-updating salesforce.com-based data from within a spreadsheet. Updated features include access to custom objects, API names or labels, simple query wizard, readable user names, and more. This project home has been moved to code.google.com, the link below will take you there.

New Project Home

Sforce Data Loader: Load, Update, Delete, and Extract your data easily.

The Sforce Data Loader is a java-based client that supports mass loading, updating, deleting, and extracting of data, using the Sforce API. Uses the SWT widget toolkit for the user interface, and can also be used on the command line to schedule nightly loads. Use it as starting point for any data loading project you have, or feel free to reuse the data loading engine. Like all our other projects, the code is available under the BSD license. Successful ports have been done to the Mac, and Linux.

Please also note there is a supported version of this product in addition to this open source project. If you would like a version supported by Salesforce.com's customer support, please download the version from the Salesforce.com website. Login to the application, and there is a download link under Setup / Data Management / Sforce Data Loader. Note the the download is only available for admins.

Project page | Download

sforce Explorer: Browse Force.com schema, Create and test SOQL queries

This .NET and Partner API based executable provides a simple user interface for testing SOQL queries and browsing the Force.com data model. Source is included with the download. Requires .NET Framework 1.1 or later.


The AppExchange Windows Tray for Java & Skypeforce: The awt4j provides a connection between your desktop and Salesforce.com. Plugins use this environment to implement application specific functions e.g. The Skypeforce plugin.

- System tray icon with Salesforce shortcuts e.g. Session persistence so that you can close the browser without needing to log back in again when you need it later
- Right-click context menu items in the system tray
- Screen pop (always on top) services for any plugin
- Skypeforce: Automatic search and navigation for inbound and outbound calls from Skype
- Skypeforce Clean popup handling and close when dialing out from Salesforce to Skype
- Many more great features, check out the details!

Install and Usage

Force.com Partner Portal: Integrate Salesforce functionality into an existing Web site

This toolkit contains a complete Java-based Web application that provides partners access to key lead, contact and opportunity information as a partner portal. Included is sample code and documentation to help you create a portal or integrate Salesforce functionality into an existing Web site to facilitate the exchange of sales and marketing information with indirect sales channels.


ADO.NET Managed Provider for sforce

Use Sforce in .NET without writing Force.com code!

Download Page

sforce JSP Sample

This zip file contains sample JSPs, and supporting utility classes, for building Web applications the extend Force.com. This expanded sample demonstrates how to integrate via WILs (web integration links), login via a session ID, manage session state and other concepts required to build new forms and other sforce extensions with JSPs. This sample project was built in Eclipse 3.0; for information on creating an open source environment to build at test JSPs, see Quick Start for Eclipse and sforce 3.0


Eclipse WSDL2Java Plugin

This is an updated version of the myspotter WSDL2Java plugin that uses the '-a -T 1.2' command line switches, as is required to correctly generate proxies from the sforce WSDL 3.0.


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