The awt4j Technical Details

The awt4j provides the following services to plugins:

Each of these services are provided using abstracted interfaces, making plugin code more robust and testable.

Developers click here to see javadoc for the plugin environment Hopefully it will make it clear how much work is already done for you by this infrastructure. You might also realise that this can easily be used as a platform for integration to desktop applications e.g. SME Accounting software etc

It's possible to run the awt4j in debug mode. In order to see debug output, you will need to enable the Java Console. You can do this by running "javaws" from a command prompt and enabling the Console in the preferences. Click here to start using Skypeforce in debug mode

SkypeForce Technical Details

SkypeForce uses the awt4j services above and also connects to the Skype windows client. It does this by using the NJawin COM Bridge for Java. NJawin supports direct API calls as well as callbacks so it is suitable for any windows program that provides a COM interface. e.g. iTunes

The awt4j & SkypeForce are built separate from the Salesforce development organization so it is provided for free and withot warranty under the GPL.

Open Source Code Access

The awt4j and Skypeforce source trees are freely available as a part of Sforce Sourceforge Project


Happy Skyping.